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    htmldb_item.date_popup not functioning correctly since 3.1 upgrade

      If I pick a date from the 6th row (for example) in the table, it is putting the date in the 1st row. The upgrade has broken production code. What can I do to workaround it? Thank you.

      Here is my query:

      select gl_rpt_item_id, description, act_flag, htmldb_item.hidden(1, gl_rpt_item_id) as item_id,
      htmldb_item.date_popup(6,rownum, decode(client.get_gl_date(:f102_client_centric_id, gl_rpt_item_id),'NULL','',to_char(client.get_gl_date(:f102_client_centric_id, gl_rpt_item_id))),'DD-MON-YYYY',11,11,decode(act_flag,'I','"DISABLED"'))
      from gl_rpt_item where is_clinical = 'Y' and act_flag <> 'I'