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    Oracle calendar with Nokia phones

      I am planning to buy a Nokia phone (e.g. 6230i). One for me important application is the calendar, and I want to be able to use it in combination with the Oracle calendar I use at work.

      This is for me the best case scenario:
      I plug in my phone to my laptop at work and the phone and the laptop will synchronize automatically, and it will do so untill the end of the day when I go home. This way, I always have an up-to-date calendar with me.

      So far, I have not been able to get good information about the possibilities. I find a lot of information on palm tops and pocket pc's, but I doubt it that I am the only one who wants to us the Oracle calendar with a mobile phone.

      Please let me know what software to use, and (just as important) where to find it.

      Thank you,

      Marco Bouwkamp