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    ODBC for Oracle 9i client on Presentation Server 4.5

      Does anyone have an Oracle 9i ODBC driver or something that will work for an app that is Oracle 9.1 on presentation server 4.5? The application loads but tnsping returns ORA-12504 error.
      Tnsnames is same tnsnames file we use on Presentation 4.0 for same app. Don't know how to fix. Vendor says not supported, boss says too bad make it work.
      I can't find 9.1 drivers on Oracle site. If someone has them or has a solution please reply to this post.
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          When you say Oracle 9.1, do you mean Oracle 9.0.1? Oracle has 9.0.1.x and 9.2.0.x releases of the database (and database client), there is no 9.1.x version.

          Is 9.0.1 the version of the Oracle client? Or the version of the Oracle database?

          I'm assuming that "presentation server" is the third-party application that is using ODBC to connect to the database, but the phrase "we use on Presentation 4.0 for same app" makes me question that. Is that assumption correct?

          Are there multiple Oracle Homes on the machine? Can you post the TNS alias from your tnsnames file, the sqlnet.ora file, and a cut and paste of the command line where you're running tnsping?

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            Hi, I appreciate your reply. Let me explain. We use a program called Centricity EMR formerly known as Logician. The program is bundled into an Oracle database. I did get the version wrong. Here is from the About in the program: Logician 5.6.8_1 (125) / DB 5.6.8_1
            E&M Advisor 5, 4, 1, 7
            Medispan MDDB database 2007.12
            Oracle9i Release - Production
            Next item is Presentation Server is a version of Citrix. We currently are in production on Presentation Server 4.0. We want to rollout into a new Citrix farm that is Presentation 4.5. I don't know if you are familiar with Citrix or not. At any rate we load a Logician client to the server and publish it so users can get to it from their thin client (citrix) devices.
            The Oracle Home lives on the Oracle database server not on the Citrix servers. We only have one Home per Oracle server.
            I don't do a command line tnsping, I have a utility that comes with Logician to check Oracle Server connectivity.
            It does the same thing as if I typed tnsping <database name>.
            Here is our sqlnet.ora (we don't modify this ever, it is already configured)
            # SQLNET.ORA Network Configuration File: d:\oracle\ora92\network\admin\sqlnet.ora
            # Generated by Oracle configuration tools.




            Here is tnsnames.ora (we can modify the part in front of the .WORLD and the ip address)
            <databasename>.world =
            (DESCRIPTION =
            (ADDRESS_LIST =
            (ADDRESS =
            (COMMUNITY = TCP.world)
            (PROTOCOL = TCP)
            (Host = <ipaddress>)
            (PORT = 1521)
            (CONNECT_DATA = (SID = ORA7)
            # (SDU=8192)

            I think that is all you asked for. Like I said the Logician client runs just fine in Presentation 4.0. On 4.5 I can't connect to the Oracle but it has to be something simple I can change to make it work. The reason why I think it is ODBC is because Presentation server has a 32-bit ODBC and a 64-bit ODBC. You can't see the service in 64-bit but you can in 32-bit. I just can't figure out how to trick it to pull from 32-bit.
            Thanks so much, hope you can help