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    Notification dissapeared for one PO

      Hi all

      - The Financial manager is the higher level at the approval hierarchy for the PO's

      - From Purchasing > Management > Forward Documents, Some PO's are forwarded to another person got the same Position

      - All forwarded PO's appeared at the Notification list for the New Person except one PO

      - This PO is not found at the Notification list and from Purchasing Summary > (T)Inquiry > Action History,it appears that it forwarded to the new person

      - Also from Purchasing > Management > Forward Documents, the PO Number is not found

      How can i fix
      Amr Hussien
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          One way to generate a new notification for this PO would be:

          Query for the po in po_headers_table. Check for the value of item_key.

          Then go to workflow administrator responsibility, find process, and enter the item key and click on find.
          The workflow diagram is displayed. Then Expedite the workflow from the process (ie before the approval process) and the notification will be fired to the approver again.