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    Changing Price on Drop Ship PO


      Is there a way to update the purchase price on a purchase order created from a Drop Ship Sales Order?

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          You can try PO Change API PO_CHANGE_API1_S and see if this package allows you to update.

          Only thing I am sceptical abt is if this API allows you to change the value, would that be a bug and what all this API supports
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            I am not sure why we need to use the API. You can always change the PO Price the once this is autocreated from the requisition. Not sure I am missing anything here.

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              This is a Drop Ship PO and as far as I know there are restrictions on what one can do on a Drop Ship PO. And I think the post implicitly meant that the user could not change the price on the PO. <Correct me if I am wrong.>

              And updating thru this API would give a proper error message in case Price Update is not allowed.

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                Standard functionality lets you change the price for the PO created from the Drop Ship Order (I am not sure whether this is a release from a BPA for a Drop Ship Requisition)

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                  Hi Mohan,

                  When we create a drop ship order for a customer the price for the item populates from the pricelist, when the requistion is raised and PO is created from the requisition, the price populates from the list price of the item. When I created a drop ship, I have created a drop ship item with list price of 100 and the price that is populated from the price list is 15, Here if you see there is lot of difference and loss to the organization. I have done this in our local instance.
                  In the real scenario is there any rule for populating these prices as there is difference in selling and purchase prices.
                  Any help provided would be great.

                  Sandeep V