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    Revision number in PO_RELEASES_ALL

      Hi All

      I would like to know when exactly the revision_num column gets populated in the PO_RELEASES_ALL table. Please be sepecify.. When exactly and and what are the situtuation this field gets value..

      thanx in Advance
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          One of situation where revision_num getting generated is when the approved releases are changed and approved again.
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            The revisions are created in Purchasing whenever any Supplier facing attributes get changed. So if the Release has been aprroved it would have been communicated to the Supplier and now if you make any change the Release would go into Requires-ReApproval State and the revision number would be bumped.

            One more scenario which you might want to check is that modify the BPA against which this release is created and approve the BPA again. And see if the Release gets affected.