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    SPARQL query through Jena adaptor not work when string literals used


      When I executed the following SPARQL query through Oracle Jena adaptor:
      SELECT ?personHasFirstName WHERE
      {?personHasFirstName foaf:firstName ?name . }
      I got the expected results.

      However it won't return anything when I narrowed the query to match a particular name like below:
      SELECT ?personHasFirstName WHERE
      {?personHasFirstName foaf:firstName \"Julie\" . }

      I also tried the Filter approach:
      SELECT ?personHasFirstName WHERE {?personHasFirstName foaf:firstName ?name . FILTER (?name =\"Julie\") }
      It still doesn't return any results.

      I saw from the release notes about the bug dealing with "\". My guess is that the above behavior is caused by that bug. What is the suggested way to walk-around this? Thanks,