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    Run Embedded OC4J under IBM jdk 1.6

      we're using a middleware system running ob IBM's WebSphere 6.0. I want to connect via RMI from a adf webapp in JDeveloper. Via Libraries I managed to get the embedded oc4j running under IBM jdk 1.6 (not the 1.4 version because there is the option -XX:MaxPermSize=256m missing)
      BUT, the problem is when I run the page (yes, the server is starting correctly) and do a remote call then an
      Failed to initialize the ORB [Root exception is java.lang.ClassCastException: com.sun.corba.ee.impl.orb.ORBImpl incompatible with com.ibm.CORBA.iiop.ORB]
      at com.ibm.ws.naming.util.Helpers.getOrb(Helpers.java:314)
      at com.ibm.ws.naming.util.WsnInitCtxFactory.getInitialContextInternal(WsnInitCtxFactory.java:375)
      at com.ibm.ws.naming.util.WsnInitCtx.getContext(WsnInitCtx.java:113)
      at com.ibm.ws.naming.util.WsnInitCtx.getContextIfNull(WsnInitCtx.java:428)
      at com.ibm.ws.naming.util.WsnInitCtx.lookup(WsnInitCtx.java:144)
      at javax.naming.InitialContext.lookup(Unknown Source)
      at com.ing.diba.mws.tcore.servicelocator.ServiceLocator.getObjectInternal(ServiceLocator.java:287)

      Exception. So the embedded server seems to use the Sun Impl before the IBM impl is called. Are there any oc4j gurus out there that can tell me how to config the oc4j to use the IBM impl?