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    Restrict Buyers

      Customer wants to restrict Buyers from creating POs without PR reference i.e. creating PO from scratch needs to be restricted (POs created only through autocreate functionality).
      However, buyers should be allowed to create BPA from scratch (without PR reference).
      Is it possible to achieve this?

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          One way of doing it is that you remove the Standard Purchase Order from the menu for the Buyers who should not create the PO.

          So the only way left for the Buyer to access the PO would be using the Purchase Order Summary. So he would have to query the PO and from there hit the Open button. Now on the open button you can check if the PO has been autocreated or created thru some other means like open interface.

          And on the Find form write some customization logic so that when he hits the New PO button the LOV for document types does not show the Standard Purchase Order in the Document Type LOV.

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            As Arun suggests, do this:

            1. Using Personalization, in when-validate-record give the user error message if they choose Standard as the document type. This will force them to create the PO from the Autocreate screen.

            2. Also disable the menu function Copy to not to let them copy the PO.

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              Yeah thats a good catch. I missed the Copy Document route of creating a PO.

              Then you should also think about not letting the user delete the PO once it is created. I dont think system would allow deletion of a Autocreated PO.

              Moreover if we are talking abt R12, you would have to look at OA Pages (Professional Buyer Work Center)
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                Arun and Nagamohan,

                Thanks for your response.

                I tried personalization as suggested. Can you check my latest post 'Restricting Buyers'