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    OracleJobScheduler remote database


      Is it possible to let the OracleJobScheduler run on a remote machine (not the database server).

      We have installations who do not whish to run external jobs directly on the db server (licencing of third part software).

      Can the service OracleJobScheduler run on an other machine than the db server?

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          Hi PJP,

          Yes, in 11g it is possible to run external jobs on machines with no database installed.

          This is a specially licensed option which "is licensed as part of System Monitoring Plug-in for Hosts" according to


          For technical information on how to do this you can see Ch 27 of the Admin Guide under "Enabling and Disabling Remote External Jobs" here


          If you have any questions or problems with this, please reply and we can take a look.

          Hope this helps,