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    Reg migrating code from test to production


      I have changed the code in test instance of interconnect through iStudio by modifying some adapters by adding publish/subscribe events and even modified some procedures.

      How can i move only this modified code to production?

      If i migrate from iStudio, it will migrate entire repository from test to production, right.

      But my test repository has more test metadata with different applications. I dont want all these to be migrated to production.

      Please suggest me how to migrate only the code which i modified in test instance.

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          Nothing else to do than remove what you do not want. Either import into an intermediate version, clear there, export and import into production, or import into production and clean up there.
          I prefer the first option.
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            if you are using interconnect latest version,there is an option to select the application/events which u want to migrate.

            steps for that
            click on migrate option in menu

            enter from hub information(test instance)

            enter to hub information(production)

            then it will ask do u want to move all or you want to select applicaitons.. you say yes to select required applications only.then slect required applications and proceed to migrate.

            I never used it.. but it may work.Now option to move only required applications is there in intercconbnect 10g10.
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              You are right. I have used the migrate option it works. However it is always a better idea to take an oaiexport before the migration. Sometimes the migration does not work and you may have to restore your original mappings.