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    Parallel Approvals in R12 iProcurement

      Has anyone set-up the AME for parallel requisition approvals in R12? New AME functionality for R12 indicates that parallel approvals should work (see note 362160.1), however the solution doesn't seem to work properly.

      Take the example outlined in the above note:

      Created Purchasing Requisition (PR) Approval Rules with PO Cost Center of Line Item Attribute.

      Rule#1 is defined for Cost Center = 510
      Rule#2 is defined for Cost Center = 520

      And each Rule has a different chain-of-authority.
      Approvers of 510 are 1) John and then 2) Jim
      Approvers of 520 are 1) Ben and then 2) Brown.

      Create a PR and allocate expenses to 510 and 520 cost center, when submitting for approval, the PR was sent to John and Jim, then was sent to Ben and Brown respectively. There are 4 serial levels of approval required. This is the current functionality.

      Expect that AME should notify to John and Ben to approve the PR at the same time (instead of doing the entire approval list of 4 approvers in serial like is currently done) and then once John approves approval notification is sent to Jim (for Cost Center 510 approval) and once Ben approves approval notification is sent to Brown (for Cost Center 520 approval).

      When we set this up, the AME does indeed notify John and Ben as expected, however, if Ben is the first person to approve the PR, an approval notification is not sent to Brown until John and Jim have both approved it. For true parallel approvals, I'd expect Brown to receive a notification after Ben's approval, regardless of the actions of John and Jim.

      Does anyone know if this is standard functionality, or if it's possible to configure the AME so that parallel approvals works properly?
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          When you create the requisition, in the approvals screen, approvers will be shown parallel. If they are not shown parallel there, then your setup in wrong.

          John and Jim will be in one line and
          Ben and Brown will be in another line clearly showing that the approval will take place in parallel.
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            Yes, there are two lines, with John and Jim are on one line, and Ben and Brown on the another. The set-up works becuase John and Ben are notified in parallel. The issue is that if Ben approves, a notification is not sent to Brown until Jim approves. It seems that the AME waits for the first line to complete before it progresses the second line. I just wondered if anyone else had experienced the same problem or been able to fix it.