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    ORA-20015: Invalid tablespace for table

      I get the error message ORA-20015: Invalid tablespace for table when I try to preview a candidate table in lifecycle tables. What does this really mean as I believe I have my storage tiers and definitions setup correctly. Has anyone else come across this error message?
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          This error means that the ILM Assistant cannot properly determine which tablespace the table currently resides on. Iis independent of the setup of the storage tiers and lifecycle definitions.

          I have been unable to reproduce this error, can you give me some addition information to help diagnose it -

          What version of the database and the ILM Assistant are you running?
          Does this problem occur for just that one table, several tables, or all tables?
          Is there anything special about the failing table(s)? Is it an IOT? Use object columns?
          Has the table been manually altered since the last table list refresh in the ILM Assistant?

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            I'm using version 1.2 of ILM and the database is version

            This happens for a number of tables that I am working with in this tablespace and there's nothing special about the table - already partition on the primary read-write. No objects on the table and it's not an IOT.

            The table is static and there are no changes to the table since the last refresh.
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              The table ILM_DEMO.SALES_COSTS does work but I see that there are only a handful of partitions. The table I'm trying to preview has over 80 partitions. Could this be the issue?
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                Found the issue. The table was listed as a Candidate table and table partitioning unavailable. This table has a range partition on it - but the key is a surrogate key (int) not on a date column and this seems to cause the issue.

                So - in the current setup I will have to re-configure my table and add a date column and partition by that column.
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                  Yes, in the current version we only support partition level management for tables with range partitioning on a date column. In future versions of the tool, there will likely be support for additional types of partitioning and non-date partitioning keys.

                  I am still not certain as to what caused the error you were seeing though. When I create a table that is partitioned by range on an integer column, it shows up in the Lifecycle Tables screen as having Incompatible partitioning and being Ineligible for management.