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    Some users are not provisioned in ocs


      For some users, when we try to de-provision(using oiddas provisioning) and provision again,
      the users are not being provisioned into content services and hence they are not able to login into OCS.OID is getting updated with PROVISIONING_FAILURE. As per the thread Re: Tutorials for creating Sites and Users , we've checked the 'oidsrv' process and its running. The on-demand provisioning(when the users logins into ocs) also updates OID with FAILURE message. Other than these problematic users users are getting PROVISIONING_SUCCESS in OID when they try to login into OCS. The table odmz_oidcredentialmanagerevnt gets a new record and the audit table log in the server is getting updated with the user information for the other users.But for these problematic users the table is not getting inserted with a row and no log appears in the log files(also there are no pending events in this table). We were also able to access the LDAP_NTFY in content DB.

      Any suggestions would be of great help.


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          Hello, I had the same problem and opened a SR. this is the solution.

          ACTION PLAN
          Please complete the following action plan for the user that are not able to log on
          (e.g. testusername):

          0) ==> Make sure you have a backup of the database storing the content services schema;

          1) Obtain the users orclguid from OID using the following ldapsearch:

          ldapsearch -h <yourOIDHost> -p <yourOIDPort> -D "cn=orcladmin" -w <orcladmin_password> -b "cn=testusername,cn=Users,dc=<value1>,dc=<
          value2>,dc=<value...>" -s sub "objectclass=*" dn orclguid

          For example:

          ldapsearch -h myoidserver.us.oracle.com -p 389 -D "cn=orcladmin" -w welcome1 -b "cn=amy
          ,cn=Users,dc=us,dc=oracle,dc=com" -s sub "objectclass=*" dn orclguid

          2) Log on to the Content Services database schema using SQLPlus:

          SQL> connect content/<password>

          3) Obtain the users distinguishedname registered in the Content Services:

          SQL> select id,name,distinguishedname from odmv_directoryuser where upper(name) = 'TESTUSERNAME' ;

          4) Compare the distinguishedname value from step 3) with the orclguid value you obtained in step 1)

          If the values are different then update the distinguishedname in the content schema to the correct orclguid value:

          SQL> update odmv_directoryuser set distinguishedname = <orclguid_from_step_1> where upper(name) = 'TESTUSERNAME' ;

          SQL> commit;


          5) Restart the Content Services domain and try again to login as TESTUSERNAME