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    regarding Ontology Model


      I have a set of OWLs each with its own base URI, which I persisted into the database as RDF models. Now I need to run SPARQL on these models. But at the time of querying I dont know in which model the requested data would be present in.. So I have to search all the models.

      In this scenario, what would be the best approach, instead of giving the list of all the models in the database.

      Can i merge all these models into a single ontology? But in that case would there be a problem with the base URIs??

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          There should be no issue with different base URIs being in the same model. They will be treated as distinct URIs during query, which is what you want I think - I don't believe you want different base URIs to be identified as the same? If you do not know which model the requested data will be in, it sounds as though you should have one large ontology.