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      Hi All,

      I am trying to use one time delivery address feature.

      when I am creating requisition in iprocurement, on delivery information page , I am
      entering one time delivery address . However after I create a requisition and then buyer queries this requisition from form he doesnot see any attachment at line level. so I am wondering whether we are missing something here.

      Also my another doubt is when requisition is autocreated in PO will the same attachment will be carried to PO.

      Best Regards
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          I think I made some mistakes earlier , now its working :)-

          I can see shipment level attachment in my Purchase Order.
          Only problem now is that if I print this PO it show Address that you type under Oralce Location "One Time Address" (This address you would enter in oracle setup screen locations when you setup this location ) under "Ship to" heading and actual one time address entered in requisition is printed below that.

          User will want this PO to only print "one time address entered in requisition".

          Is there any way to make it work?