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    login failure while retrieving files from content db on AS

      Hi all,

      I am writing an application retrieving document files from content db and display them in web pages. It works fine locally in JDeveloper, but got a login error after being deployed on the AS. Here is my code:
      FacesContext fctx = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
      DCBindingContainer bc = (DCBindingContainer )fctx.getApplication().createValueBinding("#{bindings}").getValue(fctx);
      DCIteratorBinding iterator=bc.findIteratorBinding("advancedSearchIter");
      Random generator = new Random();            
      int i = generator.nextInt((int)iterator.getEstimatedRowCount());
      Row row=iterator.getRowSetIterator().getRowAtRangeIndex(i);
      return  ((URI)row.getAttribute("URI")).getPath();
      I saw this on my web page.

      1. DCA-CANNOT_LOGIN: Log on failure
      2. Unknown exception. See cause.

      Here is the error in the log file.
      Apr 10, 2008 3:29:35 PM org.apache.axis.configuration.EngineConfigurationFactoryFinder newFactory
      WARNING: Factory org.apache.axis.configuration.EngineConfigurationFactoryDefault Ignored: missing required method: public static EngineConfigurationFactory newFactory(Object).

      403 Forbidden Directory browsing not allowed.