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    How exactly are item shown in item LOV on PO Line

      Hi everybody,
      I want to understand how exactly items are shown in item LOV on PO Line.
      The reason I am asking is we can set purchaseable property on individual organizations not just at validation organization .
      what I mean is lets say if I have three organization in a operating unit Organization A,Organization B and validation org Organization V.

      now item X is assigned to all organization but purchaseable only in B and V.

      If I am creating PO,should I see this item in item list on PO line?

      At this stage I wouldnt have entered ship to organization , so if system is going to show me this item and I am going to select organization A in ship to organization field in Shipments screen, will system prevent me?
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          All the items that are purchasable in the organization which is chosen as validation organization in the purchasing options ->purchasing will show up. Usually this is master org. If you are controlling this attribute at the child org level, it will still show up in the LOV in PO Lines as this is defined as Purchasable in the master org which you might have used as validation org. But if the item is purhsable only in B anv V and only these two orgs will come in the LOV in the shipments.A will not come in your case.