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    Strange server reply for CSDK_FetchEventsByRange


      I have found a strange behaviour of either SDK or calendar server with the output of CSDK_FetchEventsByRange function. For me it is a bug.

      Let me explain from a simple example.

      I create one meeting both for the morning and the afternoon of the same day. But it takes place in room A and B in the morning, A and C the afternoon. The 2 meetings are in the same invitation, as a repeating meeting, so one UID.

      I use CSDK_FetchEventsByRange to obtain the occupancy of each room, for this day.
      Result: the 3 rooms appear to be booked for the 2 meetings !
      In fact, the PARTICIPANT line in the answer shows that room C is not in the 1st meeting and room B not in the second meeting, but CSDK sends me an event for the room.

      If I extrapolate, CSDK returns all the dates in a recurring meeting,for each participant, as long as it is invited once.

      This occurs in the CSDK supplied with OCS

      Have you already met this behaviour ?
      How do you resolve it, apart from testing each PARTICIPANT line ?
      Any flag to receive only the events in which each room participates ?