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    LogicalApps Integra ==> GRC

      Can anyone provide a matrix to match the old Integra products/versions up with the new GRC products/versions? I have been trying to get some basic information from support and they keep pointing me to the new Oracle product.

      Thanks in advance
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          Former LogicalApps Product Name

          Access Governor (without Pre-built Controls Library), Apps Access, Access Monitoring, AppsAccess Content Library, Access Governor Content Library, Integra Apps, Integra MetaBuilder, Integra Codebase, Integra Apps Oracle Planning Suite, Integra Apps Oracle Projects Suite, Integra Apps Oracle Contracts Suite, Integra Apps Oracle Manufacturing Suite, Integra Apps Oracle Distribution Suite, Integra Apps Oracle HR/Payroll Suite, Integra Apps CRM Base Engine, Integra Apps Oracle Sales Suite, Integra Apps Oracle Service Suite, Integra Apps Oracle Marketing Suite, Integra Apps Oracle Public Sector Suite, Policy Governor, Data Governor, AppsForm, AppsFlow, AppsAudit, AppsControl, AppsRules Engine, AppsRules Suite, Embedded Agent

          New Oracle Product Name

          Oracle Governance, Risk, and Compliance Controls Suite
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            Barry Greenhut-Oracle
            Integra Access has been succeeded by Application Access Controls Governor:

            Integra Apps has been renamed Configuration Controls Governor:

            Integra Codebase is no longer sold by Oracle, but Premier Support remains available.

            Integra Forms has been succeeded by Preventive Controls Governor:

            Integra Transaction has been succeeded by Transaction Controls Governor:

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              Thank you both for the info!