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    Calendar Customization

      I am a newbie to Calendar. I am not sure what can be customized using SDK.

      Following are enhancements to Calendar which our customer needs. They need an estimate on How long it takes to implement (Effort). Is it possible to get answers to these from a developer for these items?

      1) Moving a series of meetings without re-entering all information

      Is there a way to move a whole series of meetings from one room to another?

      2) To add a 30 minute setup time if VTC is chosen as a resource category type

      VTC can be added as a resource category using configuration file.

      Is there a way to automatically add a 30 minute setup time in front of a VTC booking? This gives us time to make the VTC connection before the start of the proposed meeting.

      3) Search Function

      Is there a search capability that would allow us to search for a meeting based on its name in the event we don’t know when or where it may be booked? Also would be helpful to be able to search for cancelled meetings to identify when and who may have cancelled it.

      4) Text box for # of expected attendees

      Can a text box be added to the general tab to indicate the number of expected attendees? This would help us in relocating a meeting and know what size room we would have to move it to.

      5) Text box for Government POC

      Can we add a textbox on the general tab to indicate who the government POC is? We must enter a GPOC for use of the room resources here.