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    invalid record in input file must be skipped rather than erroring out file


      I want to know if below requirement can be met in Non-xml file to DB integration.

      requirement is:

      In the input file there are many records.I need to accept input file and send it to database.But,if any record does not meet D3l fixed structure layout,adapter should not reject complete file.Instead,adapter should write that record in to log file as error record,continue validating other records and send the data of all records to database skipping the data in error record..

      for example:
      input.txt file is input file with following data


      suppose d3l is written to validate structure of each record with 6 fields.Then according to reqiuirement,
      the input file should not be rejected by adapter.Instead,the second line of the file should be entered into log file as errored line and other records should be sent to database application.

      As far as i know, D3L structure can validate only fixed record structure and file structure.If the validation fails,then complete file is rejected and sent to exception directory.

      Is there any way that d3l validation is done at record level in a file and when record does not match fixed structure that record must be logged in log file as an errored record and other records are processed?

      Please get back to me as soon as possible.

      Thanks a lot