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    What are processing options,

      Hi ,
      I need to know what is the concept behind processing option and can i add more processing options for a program or form.

      Kamran Ellahi
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          Processing Options are run-time parameters where the values can be set up ahead of time or entered each time the DREAM Writer form is executed (such as Mandatory Processing Options). A common example would be a Processing Option to run a report in Proof Mode (no updates) or Final Mode (with updates).

          Customers can add their own Processing Options, although this requires custom changes to the JD Edwards program. Since JD Edwards starts Processing Options at 1 and increments upward, most customers start at 99 and increment down, to avoid collisions.
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            Processing options control how interactive and batch applications process data.
            you can use processing options to do the following:
            • Determine the sequence of the forms in an application
            • Set default values
            • Turn on and off special processing, such as currency

            You can add PO depends on your requirement,but you need to modify correponding eventrules of the program to call the modified values