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    Passing parameters between gadgets

      Is it possible to pass parameters between gadgets?
      (i.e.) I have a gadget that retrieves information from a table in a datagrid. I want to open a second gadget with the selection made in the first one.

      thanks for your replies.

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          In the upcoming (next) release, we are planning to expose gadget-to-gadget direct interaction. You will be able to get a reference to another gadget and execute methods that it exposes for public consumption.

          In the 9.3.1 release version you will need use an intermediary transport mechanism to pass the information. A few examples:
          1) both gadgets can read/write a common property file
          2) direct TCP/IP communications between the gadgets
          3) use of the Collaborator to pass information (using gadget SDK send message to yourself from one gadget & the second gadget adds an event listener on the Collaborator messages to look for a specific keyword to act upon when it is received)
          4) use of an external database to read/write process information
          There are various other ways to implement this as well. It's simply a matter of what other systems you have available to act as an intermediary, until the next release is available.

          Please feel free to contact me directly & I will be happy to discuss different scenarios that may work for you rob.hull@oracle.com.
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            Thanks for your reply. I'm using #4 on your list in the mean time.

            Any idea when this next release will be out? Just as a reference.

            I have another question but I'll open a new post.


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              The best I can officially say is the next release is scheduled for this calendar year.

              However, if you send me an email, I can put you in touch with others that may be able to provide more information.

              We are also interested in working with partners and customers that are building gadgets to obtain feedback.

              Contact me via my email, rob.hull@oracle.com , and we can schedule a call to discuss both this post and your problem on the other post in greater detail.

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                Quick follow-up... Starting with version the Smart Space SDK includes the ability to both publish and consume interfaces from both gadgets and services on the desktop.

                Create an interface on your gadget, publish the interface via a method on the gadget, and then any other gadget can obtain that interface from the SDK's GadgetFactory and programmaticly interact with it.