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    Error reading Long Raw Fields in Oracle 8.1.7

      I use OO4O (V to read fields of an Oracle 8.0.5 database, using Net8 Client 8.0.5. Normally I run programs that process a big number of records, many of them with long raw fields. When I started to access an Oracle 8.1.7 database, I started to see a problem reading the long raw fields. Sometimes when I read a record, the long raw field has the same information of the previous record readed (not always, maybe each 4 records), the other fields of the record are OK. This behavior is only in 8.1.7 because in Oracle 8.0.5 it works fine.

      I dont know what is the reason, maybe some difference between the Net8 Client 8.0.5 or the Net Client of Oracle 8.1.7.

      Does anybody has an idea ot that.


      Alejandro Barahona