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    iProcurement Requisition screens

      Hi All,

      I have to throw an error message in the iProcurement Requisition "Edit lines" page based on some values in the requisition distributions assocaited to the line.

      I have extended the controller of the "Edit Lines" page and am trying to run through all the records of the requisition distributions to check if error needs to be thrown. But in the "Edit Lines" page, the Requisition Distributions VO (PoReqDistributionsVO) is giving me rowcount as 0 (by using getRowCount). I think the VO is still not executed at all.

      If I try the same logic of getting row count in the requistion distributions page i.e "Split Cost" page, am getting 2 rows and am able to do the validation.

      But i need to show the error in "Edit Lines" page. Any advice how can i achieve my requirement of showing error message in "Edit Lines" page based on values in the requisition distributions?