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    Partially Acknowledged POs

    Sumit Chandra Sharma

      I am trying to Approve the Change Request done by a Supplier on a particular PO. Now I get the Error that I cannot approve the changes since its a Partially Acknowledged PO. Can anyone throw some light on this please? When do we have such POs? What is the way to make this partially acknowledged POs fully acknowledged so that as a Buyer I can approve the changes.

      Any help/pointer is appreciated.

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          Acknowledging pay items If the terms for a complex-work purchase order terms
          require "document or shipment" acknowledgement, you can accept/reject at the pay
          item level. To accept/reject an individual pay item, click Show for that line. Select
          Accept or Reject from the Action menu at the end of the line (if you reject the pay item,
          you must also provide a reason). If you either accept or reject all the pay items, the
          purchase order status changes to "acknowledged."
          You can also change a pay item during the acknowledgement phase. If you change a
          pay item. To change a pay item, modify the appropriate field, select Change from the
          Action menu, provide a reason, and click Submit. Pay item changes are immediately
          submitted to the buyer for acknowledgement even if the rest of the order is only

          partially acknowledged. If the buyer rejects the change, the purchase order status
          reverts back to "Requires Acknowledgement."