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    GRC and Custom Reports

    Peter Flies-Oracle
      A client is asking if I can create a custom report for them. I haven't found any documentation on adding custom reports in the GRC tool, but I've looked through the files and it seems like a report definition could be added in the Inetpub/wwwroot/GRCManager/Reports folder.

      It looks like the following needs to be done to create a new report:

      -Update the proper toc XML file (in my case it would be the pmreportstoc.xml file).
      -Create a new report definition in the same folder, giving it a unique custom name, such as PIU_ALLCLOSEDISSUES.xml.
      -Update the input criteria in the report definition and the columns.

      I believe there is another step in creating a report that I haven't found yet. The client wants to see All Closed Issues (for all periods, not just the current period). Am I one the right track? Is this advisable to add reports?


      Peter Flies