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    OAI_AGENT_ERROR table growing rapidly


      I have a problem with my oai_agent_error table growing at a rate of a 1000 records every few minutes. My DB adapter reports the following error before dropping the messages,

      oracle.oai.agent.server.transform.database.DBTransformationException: PLSQLTransformation.transform: Transformation failed
      at oracle.oai.agent.server.transform.database.PLSQLTransformation.transform(PLSQLTransformation.java:359)
      at oracle.oai.agent.server.transform.BuiltInTransformation.transform(BuiltInTransformation.java:293)
      at oracle.oai.agent.server.transform.MessageTransformer.processStackFrame(MessageTransformer.java:849)
      at oracle.oai.agent.server.transform.MessageTransformer.processTransformMetadatalet(MessageTransformer.java:489)
      at oracle.oai.agent.server.transform.MessageTransformer.transformMessage(MessageTransformer.java:276)
      at oracle.oai.agent.server.InMessageTransformer.processObject(InMessageTransformer.java:87)
      at oracle.oai.agent.common.QueueAgentComponent.run(QueueAgentComponent.java:110)
      at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:534)

      We have a custom PL/SQL package that does the AV to CV transforms for us and this is valid at the moment.

      I also see that its not all messages that are getting dropped as some messages have reached my Spoke systems properly transformed.

      I would really like to know how to debug this further to stop these messages from being dropped.

      Any help is much appreciated!

      Thank you
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          It could be possible that the package which is being executed to do the transformation is throwing exception for certain data. Try to execute the package seperately by passing the value for the data that has errored out. Seems like package is throwing some exception which is not being caught in the code.
          Let me know if that helps.
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            "oracle.oai.agent.server.transform.database.DBTransformationException: PLSQLTransformation.transform: Transformation failed" in the log file means this error occured at agent level /application level.So,using metadata interconnect is not able to convert input data in to application view.

            Error is transformation failed.So reason can be

            --> any unhandled exceptions
            --> mismatch in data type of fields/parameters used.
            --> mis match in number of field/elements in input data.

            Transformation failed indicates interconnect not able to transform input data in to sepcified format in Application view or common view.

            As you mentioned,this is happening only with few records.
            --> check if failed records are to test negative cases.
            --> check if failed records have all values expected as mandatory for transformation.
            --> check if failed records have the data with expected datatypes(For eg field a is defined as number and field a in record have value 'abc' instea dof 123).

            Hope this information helps you.