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      I am probably in the wrong area for this. If so, many apologies.

      I am trying to learn JDE E1. I worked and implemented JDE world for many years, but left to take up a different career path as my employer was taken over. They dumped me and JDE and I was forced to move away from the JDE environment.

      I looked at the Oracle site, and downloaded the JDE reference material, and standalone edition. After many hours, I got it installed. However, the last step is to run the above program. It was only then, that I realised you need to get on the Customer site and have login details.

      Do you know who I could contact at Oracle regarding licensing and getting access to the file. I'm quite happy to pay, as I am desparate to get back to JDE ? It is purely for educational purposes, whilst I teach myself and hopefully get a better job.

      Many Thanks

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          we are trying to setup JDE Standalone 8.12 in order to prepare a Demo and we are facing the same problem. We can not make it run until we get the SetupOneWorldB9.exe program or something that allow us to activate the Standalone version.

          Thanks in advance


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            Hi again,
            we have been able to activate the Standalone E1 version with the SPCSelfService.exe program you can download from http://licensecodes.oracle.com/
            Just select release level "7"
            Copy the serial number you get first time you start the Standalone and try to enter with DEMO
            Number of Licenses = 1
            Click ok and you will get the SPC code, don't forget to copy the Expiration Date from SPCSelfService.exe.

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              This is a bit of a toughie. Here are my suggestions; if they don't answer your question, please let me know and we can try to find another way.

              The two I suggest are either to look at becoming a partner, or to purchase the software as you mentioned.

              To explore the partner option, you can call 1-800-323-7355.
              To explore the purchase option, you can call 1-800-672-2531.

              I believe both of these numbers assume you are calling from North America. If you need to call from another country, please indicate which one and I will find the appropriate numbers.