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    Forms 6i install error

      Hi All,
      I couldn't install the oracle forms 6i software using the oracle developer.
      Following error stopping the install to complete,

      "forms60.vrf(78):OS_ERROR while getting value Path"

      but I could install reports 6i with out issues.
      Please help me.
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          What are you installing it on?
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            I am installing it on microsoft windows XP version 2002.
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              did you try to put it in another home?
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                Yes...I tried to put on another home.....
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                  Do you have anything else running when you tried to install?

                  How about an anti-virus application? Shut it down first, then extract all the compressed (.zip) files, then install.
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                    I shut down all the applications and tried to install the same, I got the same error.
                    Any other suggestions? what path it is trying to get? The reports software is working fine and the oracle home is set properly. please help.....
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                      Uzair Hasan Nizami

                      Try to install in safemode.


                      Uzair Hasan Nizami
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                        I am very sorry....I couldn't login to PC in safemode....any other sugesstions?
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                          Better don't use Forms 6i....

                          Try uninstall properly, Removing all the Files installed and also the entries in the registry and try once again.

                          Separate Oralce Home for forms installation. I don't have any other suggestion than this.

                          Thanks and Regards,
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                            Although this Q is not so "hot" anymore, several days before I've ran into same problem.
                            By searching the google for "forms60.vrf" I've found just this post with question and no good answers.
                            Since I've found the solution, I think it's OK to share it with others.
                            Of course that Forms6i is not something of big interest these days, but there are still some of us that need to install Forms6i Developer for various reasons (maintaining old applications, preparations for migration to other technology, etc.)
                            I've tried installation with disabled anti virus (to tryout already suggested hint) , it didn'twork for me - installation failed with the same error.

                            OK, here is what I've done.

                            I've modified my PATH environment variable to "shorter" string, since I remember similar issues with several "older" installers.
                            I think the length should be less than something like 1000 (probably 1024) characters.
                            I was getting exactly the same error as in this thread - my PATH was 1053 characters, and after "shortening" the PATH to 838 characters installation went through with no problems at all.

                            I think it could be of value to say that, when doing this, I didn't "erase" (temporariliy, of course) any part of the PATH that has anything to do with Oracle (existing Oracle homes) and "core" Windows.
                            Just the parts associated with other software on my PC (usually starting with "C:\Program Files\...").
                            To be more secure about not exceeding the suspected limit of 1000, include the length for new Oracle home (e.g. C:\Oracle\Dev6_Home\BIN) to the count of 1000 characters.

                            Be sure to save the value of the PATH in some text file BEFORE modifying it (always backup!).
                            When restoring the PATH to the original value (after Forms installation and restart), don't forget to add the new Oracle home part of the PATH (e.g. C:\Oracle\Dev6_Home\BIN).
                            I've added it to the end, to preserve old Oracle settings.
                            So, after installation "<new PATH>" should be "<old PATH>;<new Oracle home BIN directory>".

                            Beware that installation of "older" tools can sometimes harm some of your existing installations.
                            For example, my anti virus (AVG Free) stopped working after Forms6i installation and I needed to re-instal AVG Free (repair installation). For now (2 days), I didn't notice any other problems.

                            Hope this will help someone,