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    APEX sub-total question

      I have an APEX report that shows receivables and sales amounts by year, quarter and month. I have the page break by the first 2 columns which are year and quarter so I can show Quarterly Subtotal and Yearly Subtotal.

      I have this derived column "DSO" based on formula: (receivables/sales)* number of days for the time period (i.e. num of days is 30 for each month, 90 for quarter and 365 for year). I want to use the receivables and sales subtotal values to derive the quarterly and yearly DSO values but don't know how to reference those values.

      Any suggestions?
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          Dimitri Gielis
          Hi Mike,

          I'm not sure if I understand you correctly, but you want to use the calculated values that APEX did for you by using the break somewhere else?

          I wouldn't propose to get these values as you can't call them easily. However the solution I would prefer is by doing the calculation in your query. How far do you know SQL? for ex. using analytics would probably help you a lot. If you don't have any knowledge you might give us your query, another good resource is the asktom website.

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