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    Reconnection problem to Oracle v805 db

      Hi, my app is suppose to reconnect to the db after the db shutdown and the db starts up again. My code, MS VC++ 6.0 see below, works for Oracle v816 but fails at the open dynaset statement for v805. Any ideas?

      oresult ores ;
      ODatabase = m_odb;
      ores = m_odb.Open((const char *)dbAlias, (const char *)userName,(const char *)password);
      if (!m_odb.IsOpen()) //SUCCESS for v805 and v816
      throw (Exception()) ;

      ODynaset ody;
      String tmpstr(_T("select information from log"));
      ores = ody.Open(m_odb,(const char *)(tmpstr),ODYNASET_DEFAULT);

      if (!ody.IsOpen()) //FAILS for 805 but SUCCESS 816
      throw (Exception()) ;

      I've tried surrounding the code in a OSession and using GetErrorText() and ErrorNumer() but both return nothing/no value.