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    Patch for updating Help link


      My requirement is that I want to know whether there is any patch to get the 'Help' option to work correctly in Forms&OAF pages. By 'work correctly', I mean , is any patch to make the Help page open correctly?
      Now, when I click on Help link in OAF pages or Help-> Help window , sometimes I am facing the issue of:
      1) getting HTTP 404 error (An error occurred while retrieving Oracle Applications Help information.
      Help target could not be found. )
      2) the oracle applications help page opens giving us the option to search .
      Is there any way to link the help link to the correct page? I have seen, for most of the pages, help page is opening correctly.

      In some of the pages, help option is not enabled. I know 'Help' link can be enabled by personalisation but is there a patch to solve all these issues i have mentioned?