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      One challenge I see with forums - it is a 'pull' mechanism.
      I agree pull pull is hard sometime..
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        SELECT LPAD(' ',2*(level-1)) || operation || ' ' || options ||' ' || object_name || ' ' ||
        DECODE(id,0,'Cost = ' || position) QUERY_OUTPUT
        FROM plan_table
        START WITH id = 0
        AND statement_id = 'abc'
        CONNECT BY PRIOR id = parent_id
        AND statement_id = 'abc';

        SELECT * FROM TABLE(dbms_xplan.display('PLAN_TABLE','abc','ALL'));

        Not once have more than 30% known the correct answer in a currently supported version of the product.

        I wonder how many practicing DBAs know that there is no table named PLAN_TABLE in any currently supported version of Oracle? Bet it is less than 10%.

        C:\>sqlplus /nolog
        SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Wed May 21 10:22:45 2008

        Copyright (c) 1982, 2007, Oracle. All Rights Reserved.

        SQL> connect /as sysdba
        SQL> Select Lpad (' ', 2 * (Level - 1))
        2 || operation
        3 || ' '
        4 || options
        5 || ' '
        6 || object_name
        7 || ' '
        8 || Decode (Id, 0, 'Cost = ' || Position) query_output
        9 From plan_table
        10 Start With Id = 0 And Statement_id = 'abc'
        11 Connect By Prior Id = parent_id And Statement_id = 'abc';

        no rows selected

        SQL> Select *
        2 From Table (Dbms_xplan.display ('PLAN_TABLE', 'abc', 'ALL'));


        Error: cannot fetch plan for statement_id 'abc'


        Can you explain what you mean by "I wonder how many practicing DBAs know that there is no table named PLAN_TABLE in any currently supported version of Oracle? " Is this table is not supported any more?

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          I am not sure what exactly Dan meant but if I remember correctly, in 10g, the plan_table is a synonym already avaiable to eveyone.The original plan_table is now in the sys schema with the name plan_$table.
          I may be wrong too.

          Message was edited by: Me corrected 19g to 10g typo. Aman....
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            I am not sure what exactly Dan meant but if I
            remember correctly, in 19g, the plan_table is a
            Unfortunately we will have to wait till oracle 19g comes out to verify then :)

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              I am sorry! It was a typo.I don't thnk I shall be alive till that time ;)
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                What I think, if you are a genuine DBA then you
                should not be bothering much about expensive courses
                & certifications, your hands on experience &
                knowledge will take you to the heaven you deserve
                though you will not be titled like OCM, OCP etc by
                The Certificate
                IMO, The OCM, OCP, OCA can be seen as a suite and a tie for a professional, you may still do your job if you wear T-Shirt, jeans and open shoes. On the other hand a false professional could utterly try to wear, even steal, a suit and a tie to look like a professional, but it won't give him the knowledge to perform like a real professional, and it can easily be spotted.

                There are people, and I have seen a lot of them in the forum, who desperately look for a fast track to get a certificate because they mistakently think it will get them a job immediately, but they forget that there are companies which will hire the candidate who can have the job done.

                Now let's take a look at the people waiting in line for a job. From the contractor's perspective, who would you choose at first glance? Would you choose the one dressed in jeans and T-Shirt?

                The 'Expensive' Courses
                There are situations when you have to take a formal training. I knew people from a consultant firm who stopped sending their employees to formal training, instead they have bought a library set of TBT's (electronic training), the result, people were simply not able to even remotely take a look at the training material, it was very hard for them to try to hide from the users or try to unplug their telephone lines, there were always 'urgent' requirements and it happened to be at training time. At the end people who even were Oracle 8.0 OCP ended up obsoleted in starting 9i, not even mention 10g.

                Taking a formal course will provide you with different perspectives and points of view, different ways to make more efficiently a task. And it will focus to the main points. Instead of throughfully reading a reference manual, which may be useful on the long term, a training material can considerably narrow down the search of knowlege. You cannot get experience from a course, of course, but at least it will point you to where you right where have to look for. I have compared the way people empiricaly learn, they most probably get experience, but if they learn to hit the nail the wrong way, so it always curves, they will keep on doing it this way all their lifes, as long as it 'works'. In a course you can learn how to 'properly hit the nail in the head'.

                A student may get a lot of stuff from a course, may be some topics will be adequate for his particular environment, some others not, for another student his opinion will be different, and so on. A course can be seen like a short time frame buffet session where it is offered all kinds of food, and people have to swallow all of it. Unless it is a customized course (offered only under specific customer requirements and agreement) any body taking a course may feel he is getting too much knowledge in a short period of time. And I ask, How long will it take to search, filter, understand and setup a practice environment for the same amount of knowledge by means of 'self study'? -- Opportunity Cost.

                How expensive it is? It depends on how expensive it is to live without it. Try/failure/Re-try is a tactique not very well appreciated by several enterprises.

                A certificate doesn't mean you will automatically get a job, but under equal opportunity circumstances it does make a difference.

                A formal training is a fast way to get a lot of knowledge in a short time frame. IT Professionals should be aware that the knowledge they have now will start becoming obsolete after two years, to completely end up obsoleted after five years -as an average-.

                ~ Madrid
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                  Jonathan Lewis
                  Yup! I've seen people with 10 years full-time DBA
                  experience at one company, managing three databases,
                  without any breadth. On the other hand, I've seen
                  consultants (who work on a different database every
                  week) get the equivalent of five years experience on
                  one year . . . .
                  I guess that means I'll have to start claiming the equivalent of about 75 years experience with Oracle. Thanks for reminding us that time spent and experience gained aren't necessarily the same thing.

                  Jonathan Lewis
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                    I guess that means I'll have to start claiming the equivalent of about 75 years experience with Oracle.

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                      Jonathan Lewis
                      They have approached me and most of my senior staff
                      to be "celebrities", but their pay offer was
                      ridiculous, less than half the going rate for
                      industry experts. But hey, if you wnt to travel, and
                      don't mind the low pay, it can be great fun . . . .
                      When I was in Finland last I think I saw an advert about Steve Fueurstein doing one of the "Celebrity Seminar" events; and I think John King will be doing one in Denmark in the near future - so there seem to be some industry experts who didn't think the pay offer was ridiculous. Then again, Oracle University may have offered you what they thought you were worth.

                      Of course, the silliest thing about your comment is that it's very easy to check - and I did. In fact, just to avoid any misunderstanding, I sent the folks at Oracle University the URL for this thread so that they could read your comments for themselves.

                      Here's an important lesson - if you tell different lies to different people, one day they might meet up and compare stories.

                      Jonathan Lewis
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                        Eduardo Legatti
                        Hi Hector,

                        Congratulations for your well said words in your previous post ... By the way, what happened to the left panel side at your blog? It is just showing a blank panel, is that right?


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                          Thank you Eduardo.

                          From time to time blogspot doesn't properly display my page. When I am accessing it as a regular non authenticated user I can see there are a lot of missing sections. When I sing on I can see it completely from my administrator perspective. If things keep on go on this way I am considering changing the blog facility provider.

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                            Eduardo Legatti

                            >>If things keep on go on this way I am considering changing the blog facility provider.
                            Ok, I forgot to mention that I'm using the browser Mozilla Firefox ... I think that you have designed your blog using the Internet Explorer, right? I think that the "problem" depends of which browser (IE or others) we are using in order to post our articles ... I reminder that I had a problem with IE (Internet Explorer) and I notice that many readers that come to visit my blog use Mozilla firefox ... So, I have decided to use Mozilla Firefox since then ... In short, I think that if I'll use IE, I'll get see your blog without problems.


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                              Actually I use Mozilla. I don't know what could be the problem.

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                                Eduardo Legatti

                                >>Actually I use Mozilla
                                That's strange ... It seems some <tag> problem ... If help, you can try post this problem at http://help.blogger.com/


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                                  There is something strange with my Blog, if you click on the link of the latest published article, the left navigation bar appears. Why? I don't know.

                                  Thanks for the remark Eduardo.

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