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    SmartView for Excel

      After the change from SmartView Version 9.2. to SmartView Version and the change form Hyperion HFM 9.2 to Hyperion HFM 9.3.1 a short while ago, we have some problems with Worksheets in Excel that are created with functions in SmartView (with function builder). If an Excel-Sheet would be opened directly in the Explorer, before the connection in Connecting Manager is done, the Excel crashes after to try to connect. Additional the Excel crashes to try to save the worksheet. Also refreshes takes much longer. The Excel is still the same - Office Excel 2003. Do you have any ideas?
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          I had a similar issue with excel crashing with Hyperion 9.3.1. But it was related to two different versions of SmartView installed in the same machine and obvious after clearing the registry and reinstalling, it worked.

          I dont know if we can see any error log file for the same. Mayb u shud try the windows event viewer for any errors that occured.

          Hope this helps
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            Try to find the patch for Smart View.
            The version is instaled by default.

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              Hi Karol

              We have searched that patch in Hyperion Download Center but we didn't find anything. Could you tell us the name of this patch and where we could find it, please.
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                Erich Ranz
                Here is Oracle's Smart View page:

                To download the newest version of Smart View you will need to go to the e-delivery site:

                1) Coose your language and continue
                2) For the product pack select Hyperion Performance Management and BI
                3) For platform choose Windows 32 bit
                4) Select go and click on Hyperion Performance Management and BI (9.3.1) Media Pack for Microsoft Windows (32-bit)
                5) Scroll down and download Hyperion Smart View for Office Release Microsoft Windows x86 Installer
                6) This will give you a zip file with the latest Smart View exe file
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                  Hi, thank you for your answer.

                  On the e-delivery site we found the version, but after the download we checked the version.xml and there is the minor version so for me the actual version on the e-delilvery is .
                  On the old download site of Hyperion (hyperion.subscribenet.com) we found the version Do you know it this one resolves the Excel problem? We always couldn’t find the version

                  Thanks in advance