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    Data not shown properly

      Data entered and loaded, but it doesn't appear in the grid or data forms. In the cell history and data audit the data is shown as entered and loaded. Do you know this phenomenon.
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          I have done the investigation also myself and have found out: If the data has been cleard with the button "Delete" or by enter "NODATA" this change won't be stored in "Cell History" or "Data Audit".
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            I would suggest you do a Data Extract, and see if any data is extracted. What this will also show you, is the POV.
            It is not uncommon that the POV is at Entity Currency Total or similar, and as you may not have run a consolidation yet, the view feels empty. Also, set up a grid, and check the status. You should see CN flag which would indicate data has 'changed', and requires a consolidation.
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              Thanks for your advice.
              We have done all that you suggest. By Data Extact no data are extracted. Also after Consolidate ALL and set the POV at Entity Currency Total the change isn't stored in "Cell History" or "Data Audit". Now Hyperion will provide a service fix.
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                Check Your import script.
                You will find there line: SQLImport = True and the second one SQLImport = False.
                Change the line to: xxxx=True where the xxxx means the name of Your function.
                By default the script name was SQLImport :d

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                  Hi Karol

                  We don't understand what you mean with import script. Where should we find this script in Hyperion HFM. Please, consider that we dont't load only data with Data Load or with FDM but we also enter manually data with Data Forms and Data Grids in Hyperion HFM.