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    How to manage RDF data without DBA permission?

      Hi friends,

      I just have a question want to ask you.

      Now, I using RDF database with Oracle 11g.

      In our applcation, I want to create three Oracle account to manage the RDF data, for example RDF_OWNER,RDF_USER and RDF_ADMIN.

      RDF_OWNER is the owner may be a DBA.
      RDF_ADMIN can insert,delete and update the RDF data in our database.it is not a DBA
      RDF_USER can only query the RDF data,only a select permission.it is not a DBA too.

      So,I want to know which other objects need to be grantted permission to RDF_ADMIN and RDF_USER?

      Hoping your helps,thanks.

      May 20,2008