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    Could not send message Messenger system (OMB or Oracle AQ) is possibly down


      We're using 9iAs interconnect as messaging middleware.
      We're getting the following error in 9iAS while sending the response to the source system:

      oracle.oai.agent.common.AgentRuntimeException: Messenger: could not send message. Messenger system (OMB or Oracle AQ) is possibly down.
      at oracle.oai.agent.common.jms.JMSManager.send(JMSManager.java:504)
      at oracle.oai.agent.server.messenger.mercury.MercuryMessenger.reply(MercuryMessenger.java:341)
      at oracle.oai.agent.server.OutMessageSender.processObject(OutMessageSender.java:112)
      at oracle.oai.agent.common.QueueAgentComponent.run(QueueAgentComponent.java:110)
      at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:484)

      Also records are getting piled up in OAI_AGENT_ERROR table with the error description as: Messenger_sendToQueueFailed

      We're using DB adapter and Http adapters.

      Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.