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    Approval problems

      Hi Gurus
      I raised orders in purchasing and it cannot be approved by my mgr, our default currency is euro and i m trying to raise the order in US dollars, the exchange rate is properly set "CORPORATE US DOLLARS"
      but i m getting the errors below.
      Error: Line # 1 Shipment # 1 Distribution # 1 Distribution is missing foreign currency rate
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          Try to set the exchange type as "User" and give an rate and see if the error goes. If the error goes, then the problem is with the exchange rate not defined for that date. Please check if the rates are defined.
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            Thanks very much for oyur reponse, but can you pls pls pls give a reason why the buyer should use a user defined exchange rates, i will really appreciate if you pls help me with this.

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              Its not that buyer needs to use user defined rates. The error is because for the exchange rate is not defined for US-> Euro for that day.. Make sure exchange rate is defined for US->Euro for that day...
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                We had this error and the solution was to populate the Rate in the more tab of the Distributions window.

                Responsibility PO
                Purchase Orders => Purchase Order Summary
                Enter the PO number and click find
                Click Shipments then Distributions button
                Click on the More Tab
                In our case we had a rate date but the rate was blank
                You can either manually enter the rate or alternatively we changed the rate date and tabbed out of the field which auto populates the rate and repeated the same step using the correct rate date.