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    WKG-30137: Invalid set cookie header

      I'm getting the following error whenever I try to crawl password-protected documents (secured by a session cookie):

      WKG-30137: Invalid set cookie header: "unisession_uoa=62b4cc6fef4d0544a269fd4edf25d883; domain=www.adelaide.edu.au; path=/" from URL "http://www.adelaide.edu.au/policies/?m=login"

      That URL is the start URL for my source. And the application intentionally uses a different path from the URL, because the cookie applies for all apps under that domain.

      I can't find any reference to that error, anywhere.

      I'm using UltraSearch release, with the following Crawling Parameters set on the source:
      * Enable HTTP Cookies: Yes
      * Show cookie content in log file: No
      * Maximum cookie size (bytes): 4096
      * Maximum number of cookies: 300
      * Maximum number of cookies per host: 20

      Has anyone seen this before?

        • 1. Or authentication?
          Or, has anyone successfully used the "authentication" by HTML forms? The "wizard" clearly doesn't work via the default admin interface (stupid NullPointerException), but I was able to set something up manually, which subsequently caused the crawl to fail.

          Getting pretty disillusioned by this product and its failed promises..