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    Error using de OraRef Object in VB

      I'm trying to access an object reference in a view in another schema, (connecting using a user that has just the connect attribute), this view is a union of two collections, it has the name and a reference to the address of the vendor and manufacturer, so I use the following code:

      dim Address as oraRef
      set Recordset = oraDatabase.CreateDynaset("select v.Address from vw_view v where v.name = 'aaa'")
      if Recordset.RecordCount>0 then
      set Address = Recordset.Fields("Address").value 'this line code works
      'once I try to access an attribute value it generates an error
      debug.print Address.Street 'generates an error
      debug.print Address.State.Name 'generates an error

      The error returned is : ORA-01031, which implies in access privileges, but the user has the execute privilege to all the objects related to the problem. It's strange because if I run the query in the SQLPlus it returns the values (e.g. "select v.Address.Street" or "select v.Address.State.Name").

      Can somebody help me?