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    Help with customising Contract details

      Dear Experts,
      I am trying to change some of the data fields in a Contract. It is not in the Contract Terms part, but in the first page, when I view the Contract via 'Purchase Order' Form > Terms > View Contract Terms and then select Preview Contract. There appears to be three parts, the first page that has the Contractors name, address, tele and email, then the PO on the next page then the Contract Terms on the following pages. It is the address data on the first page (which is taken from the 'Bill-To' on the PO) that I am trying to get from another data source (the DFF on the PO).

      I have managed to find the xsl style sheets for the PO and Contract Terms, but I have been unable to find the name of the xsl stylesheet for this first page. I have 2 questions:
      1) What is the name of the xsl template for this first page?
      2) In order to customise this first page, to bring further data into the XML, how is this possible? I understand that the XML is created 'on the fly' and its not possible to obtain this, but is there any way of customising the fields that are put into this XML?

      I am on version 11.5.10.

      Thanks for your time,
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          Hi Mark,

          1. You can obtain the template from the Contract Terms Library expert responsibility. Go to Contract templates, search for the contract template associated with the order, this contract template will contain the name of xsl/rtf template. Now go to XML publisher responsibility and download the template.

          2. For adding your own fields you need to extend HeaderVO associated with Purchase Order. eg. I customized for Sales Contract. Different modules require different HeaderVO to be extended.
          Plus you might also require to add new variables that can be used in the clauses. I did that in the backend. let us know if you have a better solution for it.

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            Hi Mark,

            Did you got any solution for this issue. i too have the same kind of customization.

            Could you please help me on this?

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              Hi Husain
              Please explain how and where can we change the code. We need to change the "Oracle Contract Terms Template" (OKCTERMS). OKCTERMS Template associated with "Contract Terms Data Definition" (OKCTERMSDS.xsd) and OKCTERMS_en.xsl. I am new to this technology, so I don't know where do I need to start to customize this template.

              Thank you