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    Question about RDF_LINK$ / RDF_NODE$

      I have found the following: If the subject, property, and object text values already exist in the RDF_VALUE $ table, another check is issued to determine if the actual triple exists. This second check is issued against the RDF_LINK $ table.

      I can't find the table RDF_LINK$. For the check I've used the following command:
      no rows selected
      Unfortunately without success. I can insert triples without any problems, but the table RDF_LINK$ does not exists. And the table RDF_NODE$ doesn't exists too. What am i doing wrong? What ist about this two tables?
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          RDF_LINK$ is an internal table, and is part of the MDSYS schema. Users do not have access to this table and should not access this table directly. To view data in this table that they have authorization for they should instead access the view MDSYS.SEMM_model-name which is accessible to them. For details on this view see section 1.3 in the documentation.

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            Hi Melli,

            thanks for the answer. I've take a look into the documentation again, but in the section 1.3 i can't find anything about RDF_LINK$, RDF_NODE$ or MDSYS.SEMM_model-name (in my case must be MDSYS.SEMM_BIS_SEMINAR_2008). Here the URL which I used:


            Is this the section/documentation what do you mean?

            I have also another question:

            I can add more then one triple with the same TRIPLE_ID, MODEL_ID, Subject, Predicate and Object, but if i understand correct the store mechanism, this ist wrong. I must have only one triple with the same data, right? What is here wrong?

            here an example:

            Thank you very much for the help!

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              I answered the question from the perspective of Oracle Database 11g, and I apologize. You seem to be using Oracle Database 10gR2. The view would then be RDF_<model_name>. Internal tables like RDF_LINK$ are not documented.

              Identical triples will be stored as one triple (while maintaining the fact that there were two triples using the COST column). See Table 1-2 in the documentation you are referring to.