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    Oracle-tomcat connection problem

      Dear all,

      We got a problem with Oracle Xe 10g Release 2 ( with French interface. For some unknown reasons, the Oracle service is no more accessible through the web interface and has to be restarted. Once this is done, everything is working fine until Oracle stops responding. We have investigated listener.log of Oracle and we noticed that a service called beremote.exe (Backup Exec Remote Agent service) runs automatically. We are not sure if this service is related to the problem. Here is the error we keep getting on the listener.log :

      [  OCRUTL][1092]u_set_gbl_comp_error: Parameter was NULL
      [  OCRUTL][1092]u_set_gbl_comp_error: Parameter was NULL
      2008-05-20 08:53:52.968: [  OCRRAW][1092]proprinit: Could not open raw device
      2008-05-20 08:53:52.968: [ default][1092]a_init:7!: Backend init unsuccessful : [33]
      [  OCRUTL][1092]u_set_ocr_error: Parameter was NULL
      2008-05-20 08:53:52.968: [ CSSCLNT][1092]clsssinit: error(33 ) in OCR initialization
      [  OCRUTL][1092]u_set_comp_error: Parameter was NULL
      [  OCRUTL][1092]u_set_ocr_error: Parameter was NULL
      2008-05-20 13:05:46.468: [  OCROSD][1092]utgdv:1:could not open registry key SOFTWARE\Oracle\ocr os error
      Le système n'a pas trouvé l'option d'environnement spécifiée
      The system didn't find the option of specific environment (translated from French)

      (more similar errors in css.log file that date far back)

      The following information was found in the core_xe_pid_976_tid_x420_2008_5_20_8_53_46.log:

      An Unhandled Exception Occurred,
           Exception Number : 0xc0000005
           Exception Address : 0x60aba5ec

      The server is running on Windows XP Professional SP2 1.86Ghz. We upgraded the Ram on the server at 4 gig, but the problem still occurs. We have this installed on 10 machines in total and this problem only happens on this particular computer. We don't think this is a state connection issue. Maybe it's related to Oracle's French interface but we are not sure. We really don't know what to do. Any suggestions are welcome.