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    Defining a workflow in Content Services


      Maybe this question would seem too theorical or naib but (reading OCS documentation) I can't seem to fully understand the functionality of workflow in Content Services besides that letting one control document operations approval.

      I have certain documental life cycle case and i don't know how to apply pre-defined workflows in a useful way, for example: "The secretary scans a petition letter from a client and load it to certain Library in Content Services; she then notifies the manager and he assigns the petition to a particular executive or worker (the document remains locked). The worker gives a solution to the petition and uploads a new document with his findings for the manager to approve it. Until approval the findings document remains locked."

      I've noticed that there are 2 predefined workflows (Parallel and Serial approval) for almost all operations and one can activate 1 of those workflows for any or all of those operations for 1 Library, but i have two doubts about it:

      1. Looking at the CS roles (that define what operations can a person do) I can't avoid noticing that there are some operations missing in the list of operations one can configure a workflow for. For example: document "Review".

      2. There's no way to connect those workflows in a chronological manner for that same library. I should control the upload of the document, then it's editing or review, then it's deletion.. etc. but one operation would depend on another to start.

      Should I use OCS Workspaces to achieve this chronological control of events? or perhaps designing a specific flow with BPEL would be the solution?

      Any information or hint on this would be very appreciated.

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