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    Reading CLOB value

      Hi All,

      Am trying to read a CLOB value from the oracle table using PEGA tool. Inserting a CLOB value to Oracle table works fine but retrieving/reading from the table gives problems.

      As there is no CLOB property to set in PEGA tool what is the possible way to read this data from the SQL that i am using within the tool?

      Any body to help
      or does anyone know to which forum to ask from ?
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          I've never heard of PEGA, maybe they have a forum too...

          In the mean time, you can use SQL*Plus. SQLDeveloper, PL/SQL Developer, TOAD
          SQL> create table t
            2  (c clob)
            3  /

          Table created

          SQL> insert into t
            2  values ('this is some text')
            3  /

          1 row inserted

          SQL> commit;

          Commit complete

          SQL> select *
            2    from t
            3  /

          this is some text
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            ...Which apparently seems to involve writing everything to the database as a big CLOB.
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              Too funny! you get the maximum score for the Buzzword Bingo!