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    How would you do this process?

      I have an interesting scenario that I am not sure how to set up correctly in Oracle. Please let me know your thoughts if possible.

      We have a product (part # 1 bathroom vanity = part # 1cabinet supplier #1, part # 2 granite counter supplier #2, part #3 faucet supplier #3, part # 4drain supplier # 3) we drop ship from an overseas supplier direct to the port. The sales orders are all drop ship for part #1. We issue purchase orders for parts 2 – 4 and have them drop shipped to supplier number 1 for aggregation in one shipment and box.


      How do we link recommendation drop ship orders for part 1 to prompt demand for parts 2 – 4? These would all need to be drop ship as well since they are never received here.
      How do we allocate costs to the single highest level item for all costs?

      Is there a way to set up a drop ship assembly?