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    Will ILM Assistant Generate Create Partition Scripts?

      I have ILM Assistant pretty much up and running and it works great for moving partitions, compression etc. between tiers, but when a new period is coming up I was hoping it would be intelligent enough to generate scripts to create new partitions as well. I haven't seen this in my scripts so far, although I seem to remember when I was testing using daily partitions that it did possibly create some partitions for me.

      Anyone care to comment on this. Thanks.
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          If your partitioning scheme is defined with a MAXVALUE partition for the most recent date values, then the tool should recommend splitting a new partition from this one when a new period occurs. It will use the size of the most recent bounded partition to determine when this should occur. For example, if you have a partition for the current month, then when the next month begins a new month long partition should be split off of the MAXVALUE one.