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    Syncje berries and spam flodding...

      We set up a blackberry with syncje - After sync, mass mail notifications started to go out to every recipient in every meeting, regardless of the do not notify attendees setting.

      Any clues?
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          I would love to know how your settings are in SyncJE and anything else you may have done to get it to sync at all. We have yet to have a successful sync through SyncJE.

          I realize this doesn't solve the mass email problem but any help you could give would be appreciated. If we could get ours throwing emails left and right, it would be great progress!

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            We 'solved' the mass email problem and syncje is now working. Basically, we found the following:

            a) url redirects don't work - you must use the direct path (and port) to the fcgi
            b) We followed Oracle's docs on how to set it up, in particular the leading period and punctuation (I believe it's ./Calendar/Events)

            I will get back with the details of the mass emailings - I don't have a berry but been helping others in configuring them.